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About Needak Rebounders

Rebounder mini-trampolines are not only a fun way to exercise, they also offer many health benefits. When NASA studied the rebounder for use in its astronaut training program, it discovered that people expended up to 68 percent more energy with the trampoline than with jogging. There's also greatly reduced risk of the stress injuries that can result from many other forms of exercise. In addition, every cell of the body gets exercise from the G (gravitational) forces applied during jumping; research has shown that high G forces strengthen cells in general and the lymph system in particular. Other benefits include increased cardiovascular and respiratory health, greater oxygen flow into tissues, improved coordination and a stronger spine.

The high-quality Needak mat is constructed of a sturdy, flexible plastic material called Permatron, attached to a heavy-grade steel frame with 36 durable springs made of high-grade wire. Legs fold under for storage under the bed or behind a door. Comes in Hard Bounce (firm bounce) or Soft Bounce (gentler action). Both are available in a folding version (folds in half) for even easier storage or travel. Optional stabilizing bar provides additional support; frame skirt covers up springs. Measures 40" Diam. x 10"H. Rebounders come with spring lubricant and two DVDs: "The Immune System," an exercise demo and lecture on the rebounding-immune system link by rebounding expert Albert Carter; and "Rebounding to Better Health," with rebounding exercises demonstrated by Linda Brooks. Warranty: 10 years on frame, 5 years on mat, 1 year on springs. Choice of black or bright blue. Click on the links in this paragraph to see individual models and prices, or return to the main rebounder page.
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