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About Grander Living Water Systems

About Grander Living Water Systems
Many of our customers know that water can be imprinted with energy, as has been established in homeopathy. Grander Living Water systems, developed by Austrian scientist Johann Grander (who followed in the footsteps of Viktor Schauberger, the pioneer of energizing water), use a proprietary system to do this to the water. Revitalization is done through implosion, in which natural forms of energy are collected and then used to pass on positive, life-supporting information to the water. As water passes through the Grander unit, it receives high-resonance vibrations from two unique concentrates inside the housing (see diagram above). These vibrations change the water's structure so that water molecules repel one another, creating a turbulence similar to that found in natural spring water. In addition to the energizing effects on the body, benefits include greater cleaning power for laundry and dishes, healthier plants, younger-looking skin and softening of hard water. Click to see photos of bread baked with Grander water and goldfish in Grander water.

The whole-house systems are plumbed into the cold-water pipe just after it enters the house. There are also units for one faucet, and immersion rods for use in standing water. See our book on Johann Grander and the DVD on Johann Grander if you're interested in learning more about this theory. The company also makes pendants containing Grander water for boosting energy and reducing the effects of harmful energies.

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