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About Austin HealthMate HEPA Filters

Chosen by the Red Cross and FEMA to address air-quality concerns in New York after 9/11
The best-selling Austin units are energy-efficient, all-purpose air filters. Austin uses a permanent, split capacitor motor, which is much more efficient than a standard shaded pole motor (used by most other manufacturers) but costs 50% less to operate and is much quieter. The units draw air from all four sides, which allows more flexibility in their placement, but sends the filtered air out of only one side so you won't be bothered by drafts.

The heart of any air filtration system is the filter material. The HealthMate excels here: It uses HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) material, which was developed by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission to remove radioactive particles. Tests show that HEPA is 5 times more effective than electronic or electrostatic air filters, boasting 99.97% filtering efficiency for particles down to .3 microns. Most other manufacturers of HEPA filters produce 95% efficiency at greater than .3 microns. If you are a sensitive person, this almost 5% difference can be very significant.

The HealthMate also has chemical and odor absorbents, including carbon and zeolite, for chemical, gas and odor removal; and a pre-filter for medium and large particulates. View diagram. The units take care of dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen and cigarette smoke. The company guarantees the filter will produce air that exceeds quality standards set by the EPA, OSHA and other governmental agencies. Another outstanding feature of the Austin is the manufacturer's warranty on the filter: 5 years for home use (prorated). See the Austin Challenge information sheet, which compares the features and costs (over 5 years) of the HealthMate with other filters. Read this informative carbon chart to see the effectiveness of carbon on various chemicals and odors.

The Austin comes in four models: the standard HealthMate; the Junior, for smaller rooms; the HealthMate Plus, which adds specially impregnated carbons to make it more efficient at absorbing formaldehyde; and the Allergy Machine, which has a special type of carbon-impregnated cloth for extra chemical, gas and odor absorption. The Plus and Allergy units are also available in a Junior size. All units have three-speed control, and all except the Junior have casters so they can be moved easily.

Yet another great feature of the Austin is its versatility. The filters are interchangeable, so if you buy any regular-size model (the standard HealthMate, the Allergy Machine or the Plus) and decide later on that you want to try a different filter, any of the replacement filters will fit your model. The same applies to the Junior models, which can accept either the regular Junior or the Junior Plus filter.

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