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Why Do I Need A Shower Filter?

Why Do I Need A Shower Filter?
Shower filters are designed to reduce exposure to chemicals and chemical vapors. While this problem does not receive as much attention as drinking water, it represents a significant concern. Hot water creates a steam vapor that contains the volatile chemicals in the water; these vapors are inhaled and go directly to the bloodstream. Research has shown that people can inhale up to 50% more chlorine and other volatile organic chemicals (also called VOCs), including chlorofluorocarbons, pesticides and chloroform, in one 10-minute shower than if they drank two liters of water containing the chemicals! A warm shower also opens up the pores of the skin, resulting in a high rate of VOC absorption. And don�t forget that chlorine has a very drying affect on skin and hair.

We offer four brands, most of which use an ion-binding, zinc and copper media called KDF that significantly reduces chlorine and some heavy metals, including copper, lead and mercury. The basic filter is the Befit. The Aquasana adds carbon for chemicals and dirt/sediment. The Chanson energizes your water with ions and infrared ceramics, in addition to filtering; and the Energy Stone is the ultimate in water energizing. Shower filter cartridges should generally be changed once a year for the most effective filtration; refer to individual products for specific guidelines.

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