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I Can Breathe! Mask

I Can Breathe! Mask
This mask is for the chemically sensitive user who might react to Neoprene or other materials used in pollution masks. After the developer was diagnosed with a chronic lung disorder that made her more sensitive to odors and fumes, she designed this featherweight, comfortable and effective mask. The porous honeycomb I Can Breathe mask holds an activated coconut-shell carbon filter with two polyester linings that filter odors, fumes and fine particles, reducing exposure from 78% to 100%, depending on the substance. Reduces exposure to air pollution, soot, smoke, gasoline fumes, fragrance, mold spores, chemical smells and more (Click here for a list). Effective for indoor as well as outdoor pollution. One size fits all using elastic ear loops. Beige shell made of nylon/polyester/cotton blend. Filter lasts 20 - 40 hours. Replacement filters can be purchased in two-packs or 5-packs.
Please note that this is not a NIOSH mask.
I Can Breathe filters are not returnable once opened.
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