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I have used the EZY system for the past 9 months for a lower back injury and it has worked really well. I was experiencing constant soreness, stuffiness, and a shooting pain. The EZY system helped me not only with these symptoms but also to recover after practices and games.
--Brandon Mashinter, Hockey Player, Chicago Blackhawks

The Centurion System helped put and keep our horses at the top of their game. All riders are worried about the effects of a hard competition on our horseís bodies. We have seen an immense difference in the comfort level and recovery of our horses. The Centurion System is easy to use, compact, and durable, making the treatments easy under any conditions; itís an unbeatable system.
--Megan Jordan, Venture Farms Owner/Trainer, Leading Northwest Grand Prix Rider

I am a married 65-year-old mother of three and grandmother of four. A simple step onto the sidewalk resulted in a fall and left me with no stability in my knee. It was diagnosed as severe knee damage, probably a tear in my ACL. The doctors figured I would likely need a new knee. I was told to wear a hinged brace and stay off it as much as possible. I was not happy with thoughts of surgery and a lengthy recovery so I decided to try the EZY system. I used it for the recommended time and within one week my knee felt stronger and was less painful. I no longer used the brace and continued with the EZY system.

I had an MRI done after using the machine, and the results showed no visible tear and that there was no need for surgery after all. They recommended doing some strengthening exercises and carry on as normal. The doctors could not believe that there was no tear. The only thing that I did until the MRI was use the EZY system.
--Dorothy Henderson, Pictou, Nova Scotia

On June 6th, 2014, I fell and broke my hip and needed to have three pins put in. They told me it would be 16 to 20 weeks to be healed. My friend suggested I try the Centurion system to help with the healing, so I started the system immediately. I would do it faithfully every morning and night for the next five weeks, using it on my hip and upper leg for 30 minutes.

After three weeks, my therapist told me I did not need her help any more, I knew the system was working. I was using my cane less and less and walking more and more on my own. When I went to the doctor, he was amazed at my progress and how far I had come in five weeks. I attribute it to the Centurion.
--Peggy, Wainfleet, Ontario

To address pain and lack of mobility caused by a rotator cuff injury, I began using the EZY system by Centurion. I am an active 49-year-old, and this injury caused me to have to scale back most physical activities. X-rays confirmed no broken bones; however, extensive damage to soft tissue was suspected and I was sent to physiotherapy. I underwent extensive physiotherapy which included exercise, ultrasound, electrotherapy and acupuncture for two months. On the advice of my physician, I stopped this regimen as it was not helping and perhaps agitating the injury.

After only one day of using the EZY system I could feel, for the first time, a decrease in the pain. I continued using the EZY System for several weeks, as outlined in the manual, and had relief from the pain most of the time and am seeing a gradual increase in mobility. This type of injury, I was told, could take up to a year to heal, and I believe the EZY system has significantly decreased this healing time as I am well on my way to recovery and am most grateful to the system for the relief from pain. I would highly recommend the system and canít imagine what I would still be going through without it.
--Donna Cruickshank, Lantz, Nova Scotia

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