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Visit Our Showroom

f you live in Santa Fe or will be visiting the area, drop by our showroom at 3201 Richards Lane, Suite A (in the Richards Avenue Business Park). You can try many of our products, including the magnetic mattress pad, infrared heating pad, EMF protection devices, and other items. Our hours are Monday - Thursday, 9:30 am to 5 pm, Mountain Time. Call (505) 982-2688 if you need directions; see the map below; or map it on Mapquest.

Because many of our customers have chemical sensitivities, we ask that you make every effort to be fragrance-free when visiting our showroom. Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Santa Fe showroom is currently open. If you live in Santa Fe and need to make a purchase but prefer not to come inside, call us during regular business hours (Monday through Thursday, 9:30 AM - 5 PM) to place your order at (505) 982-2688. We will take your credit card number over the phone. Call us when you arrive and we will place your package outside the door. We can also ship your order for an additional charge.