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Scaleblaster Water Softener - #SB-MAX

Scaleblaster Water Softener - #SB-MAX
The NON-TOXIC way to have soft water! Here’s how it works: The cable that’s wrapped around the pipe produces an oscillating electric field, using a unique frequency wave that emits an inaudible sonic impulse. (view diagram). This changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecule, causing it to repel, rather than adhere to, pipes and fixtures. See before-and-after image. The action also stops further scale buildup. (Click here for a lab report.) Easy installation without any plumbing; just plug it in and wrap the cable around your cold-water pipe. Nothing to change, no salt, no chemicals!
The Model SB-MAX residential unit is for larger homes and for very hard water of more than 20 grains (per gallon) hardness; it can be installed either indoors or outdoors (maximum pipe size 1 1/2"). Five-year warranty. If you are not sure how hard your water is, you can purchase a water test kit.
Click here to download a flier on the SB-MAX model.
Click here to download a general Scaleblaster brochure.
Click here to download a Scaleblaster map that shows which areas of the country have hard water.
This item cannot currently be ordered online. For pricing or to place an order, please call (800) 497-9516, or send us an e-mail.
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