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Mu Metal .006" thick, 4" wide

# EMR 103
Mu Metal is the generic name for a high-permeability, magnetically "soft" alloy used for electromagnetic shielding. It includes about 80% nickel and 15% iron, with the balance consisting of copper, molybdenum or chromium. Magnetic shielding materials offer a very high permeability path for magnetic field lines, directing the magnetic field lines through the thickness of the alloy, and keeping them from going where they are not wanted. If you are not sure what thickness to order, call us for specific instructions on how to take readings with a Gaussmeter.

Please call (800) 497-9516 for current pricing. There is a $200 minimum per order; different sizes can be combined to reach the minimum. Because Mu Metal is custom-cut, it is not refundable.

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