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Colloidal Silver Maker

Colloidal Silver Maker
The healing properties of colloidal silver are well known in the alternative health world. This small colloidal silver maker produces particles in the .0001- micron range (that's one ten-thousandth of a micron), so small they are invisible to the naked eye, and barely visible even when you shine a laser light through the solution. It takes a powerful electron microscope operating at 40,000x to 100,000x magnification to measure them! That’s just about as close to “dissolved” silver particles as you can get. This unit makes up to one quart of colloidal silver solution and is easy to use: Place the generator on top of a jar of distilled water, plug in the unit and walk away! The device shuts itself off when the batch is finished. Comes with AC adapter, two 7-inch strands of pure (.999) 12-gauge silver wire (will last up to a year with regular use), cleaning pad, and conductivity meter to measure the parts per million. Can also be used with batteries if you don't have access to electricity; comes with alligator clips so you can attach the batteries to the unit.

Considering the cost of buying colloidal silver, this device pays for itself after you make the first batch! Lifetime warranty.
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Price: $199.00
List Price: $225.00
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