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Cambridge Program For Better Vision - Audiotape

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Cambridge Program For Better Vision - Audiotape
Thousands of people have spent $300 to attend Cambridge's weekend seminars. You can do the program in your home and at your own pace. Developed by Martin Sussman, this comprehensive program combines eye exercises, muscle control techniques, body relaxation and guided visualization into one easy-to-use holistic system. Includes nutritional advice too. No matter how long you have worn glasses, no matter how poor your eyesight may be now, the Program for Better Vision can help you. Take a look at what USERS have to say about the Better Vision Program.
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The program kit includes 3 audiotapes, a beaded string for use in some of the eye exercises, a program guide and an eye chart. The six sessions on the CDs cover these topics:
1. Fusion String Technique: Teaches your eyes to work together and to see equally
2. Mind's Eye Visualization: Increases your ability to visualize, encouraging the mind's role in restoring vision
3. Self-Massage Techniques: Relieves tension of the upper body, particularly your shoulders, head, neck and eyes.
4. Spectrum Visualization: Releases deep tension in your entire visual system
5. Vision Chart Techniques: Increases focusing power and sharpens peripheral awareness and mental concentration
6. Memory Visualization: Helps you release the limiting images, memories and attitudes that may block clear vision

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To buy this program on CD, click here. The 202-page book is an excellent complement to the program.

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