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Aquasana Whole House Filter

# W EQ300
The Aquasana EQ-300 ("Rhino") whole-house system is designed for maximum contact time to ensure optimum filtration. It filters out chlorine, dirt, synthetic chemicals, bad taste and odor from tap water as it enters your home. The exclusive multistage filtration process directs the water through a sediment pre-filter to remove large particulates; a granular zinc and copper media (KDF) for chlorine and heavy-metal reduction; and two stages of activated carbon. Click to see a cutaway diagram of how the system works. The main filter will last for 300,000 gallons, or about three years; the 5-micron pre-filter should be replaced every 6 months. No backwashing required; installation hardware included (plumber needed). Flow rate 8 gallons per minute at 60 PSI. Measures 45"H x 9" Diam. (Note: Shipping cost for this filter is $50.)

If your water comes from a surface source (river, lake, etc.), you will receive a free 1-micron-absolute sediment pre-filter with your Aquasana whole-house filter. Additional 1-micron pre-filters can be purchased at $19.95.
Click here for a flier on the Aquasana whole-house filter.
Click here for test results on the Aquasana whole-house filter.
This item cannot currently be ordered online. To receive a free catalog or to inquire about pricing, call (800) 497-9516, or send us an e-mail.

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