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Airwise Purifiers

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Airwise Purifiers

This cleverly designed unit is small, quiet, and effective for both odors and particulates. The Airwise uses photocatalytic technology, a process so effective it's FDA-approved for poultry and pork processing (destroys salmonella and E. coli). It's also widely used to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables. The machine creates warmth, drawing humidity inside. When moist air enters the purifier, a photocatalytic reaction occurs, destroying chemicals, gasses, odors, microbes (bacteria and viruses) and mold. Click here for a diagram. Patented WisePointe technology generates negative ions at an accelerated rate, reducing particles like dust and dander. Simple, one-touch operation; no fan means no noise! Attractive charcoal-gray rectangle fits unobtrusively with any decor. UV bulb lasts one year. Dimensions: 4"H x 12"W x 8"D; weighs only 3 lbs. 3-year limited warranty. $25 shipping charge. Choose your model based on room size--but the filter housing is uniform, so if your needs change all you have to do is get a different bulb!

  • Model 2100: Small Room (150-350 square feet)
  • Model 2200: Medium to Large Room (350-750 square feet)
  • Model 2300: Multi-Room (750-1,500 sqare feet)

There is a 15 percent restocking fee on returns of Airwise units.
Small Room (List Price $449)  $369.00
Med.-Lg. Room (List Price $489)  $399.00
Multi-Room (List Price $549)  $459.00
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