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iFit Radiation-Reducing Headset With USB Plug

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iFit Radiation-Reducing Headset With USB Plug
Although many people believe that using a cell-phone headset reduces the amount of radiation entering the head, several studies have shown that the wire in a standard cell headset can actually increase up to 3 times the amount of electromagnetic radiation transmitted to your head. This is because the wire acts as an antenna, conducting the fields from the phone to the body. Here's a novel solution: a headset that uses Stethoscopic Aire-Stream Technology, which delivers sound through an air-filled wireless tube (similar to a doctor’s stethoscope). This technology (also known as a pneumatic tube) reduces the possibility of radiation reaching your head from the earpiece.

These single-hook headsets have a mini USB plug for Razr phones and other phones that have USB inputs. Hook fits around earlobe; earpiece swivels so you can use it in either ear. Comes with removable sponge ear-bud covers and a clip for attaching to lapel or collar.
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